As a technology company that has been shaping the future for almost 65 years, continuous change is a fixed element of HÖRMANN’s corporate philosophy. The HÖRMANN Group is constantly reinventing itself in order firstly to be the best possible partner for its customers and secondly to live up to its responsibility towards all its employees. Standing still means falling behind, which is why HÖRMANN ensures that it sets the pace and drives the development of the company, taking business decisions in a timely manner and making the necessary course corrections without hesitation.

In the global competition and a future world of alternative traffic systems, digitisation and artificial intelligence, speed, precision and innovation are the attributes our business activity needs to fulfil – attributes that have always been practised at the Group since it was first founded by Hans Hörmann. This experience is especially valuable today.

Diversified and operating in four future technology segments, 2018 was the HÖRMANN Group’s best financial year since the financial crisis of 2008. With its Automotive, Engineering, Communication and Industrial Services segments, the Group has earned itself an international reputation that serves as the basis for “tenaciously shaping the future”.