Industrial Services is the newest segment within the HÖRMANN Group. Founded in May 2017, HÖRMANN Industrial Services firstly combines the Group’s service activities by incorporating HÖRMANN Industrieservice GmbH and HÖRMANN Kommunikation & Netze GmbH. Secondly, the service portfolio was enhanced and expanded by the acquisition of the MAT Group, Salzgitter, in the fourth quarter of 2017 and the associated majority takeover of MAT Industrieservice GmbH, MAT Automationstechnik GmbH and MAT Maschinentechnik GmbH. Modern companies require highly specialised industrial services. The HÖRMANN Group’s knowledge opens up a space for customers where they can concentrate on their own core business amidst ever tougher competition.

The Industrial Services segment focuses on high-quality, reliable, high-tech services. Customer proximity is a crucial factor for this holistic approach, and is guaranteed by 18 locations and around 320 employees throughout Germany. The segment’s activities are divided into the “Industrial Sector” (automotive/supply industry, metalworking industry, mechanical and plant engineering) and the “Public Sector” (traffic engineering, infrastructure projects).

Renowned customers from the automotive, mechanical engineering and traffic engineering industries place their trust in the experience, flexibility, expertise and dependability that HÖRMANN Industrial Services has earned over hundreds of projects. From electrical, mechanical, control engineering, robotics, welding, materials handling, pneumatics and hydraulics plant maintenance to shift-optimised process engineering maintenance or the assembly and commissioning of processing centres to the relocation of entire production facilities, HÖRMANN Industrial Services is a partner its customers can count on.

The HÖRMANN Group is planning to continuously expand the relatively new Industrial Services segment over the coming years. It is the ideal addition to the company’s other three areas of activity, allowing it to offer customers “everything from a single source” – something they value greatly. Especially in times of disruptive change in the automotive industry and ever shorter cycles in the individual areas of industry and against the backdrop of advancing automation and the networking of machinery, systems and entire plants (Industrie 4.0), there is more demand than ever for what HÖRMANN Services can offer.

The considerable need for modernisation in the public digital infrastructure and rail traffic technology and new disruptive technologies like autonomous driving will offer significant additional opportunities in the public sector in future. HÖRMANN Services is excellently positioned in a field that offers myriad opportunities – opportunities that, above all, must be exploited in close cooperation with the company’s other segments. The synergies are there for the taking, and are already being leveraged, though this will demand a much more intensive focus moving ahead.

»­HÖRMANN offers a highly qualified service team throughout Germany.«

Michael Radke, CEO

Companies in the HÖRMANN Services devision:

  1. ­­HÖRMANN Industrieservice GmbH, Lehre-Flechtorf

  2. HÖRMANN Automationsservice GmbH, Salzgitter

  3. MAT Maschinentechnik GmbH, Salzgitter